Listener's Feedback

Values in business.....really an appropriate topic in this time when we all need to be occupying wall street and trying to make our 99% voices heard. 
I don't think our leaders know what to make of this movement but I think it won't be long before they are cracking down because it really is a revolution in the making.
You are really touching on things we all need to be hearing. Thanks brother Don!.  .  .
 Ron Miller 

This was an outstanding broadcast tonight.  So good and so brave in this "christian" media. You expressed compassion.  Not often heard on the so-called Christian radio.  Too often, Christian radio stations are tools for hatred and a total lack of concern for other people.
You stand out.  You always take a stand and reach out to all people as you reach up.  I am so proud that I was listening tonight. 
Bless you.  Von James  vonjames8988 

You have created something very special in Reaching Up - - - such energy and really interesting guests/information.  I really love it and tell everybody I know about it.  This is innovative and not like anything else on the air here.  Bless you and Celebrate Radio!
Tina J  Richmond, Va. 

Dear Brother Fass,   You are the Dick Clark of Christian radio.  We have needed someone like you on radio for along time.  You bring us good music and your interviews introduce us to interesting musicians, writers and Christian leaders.   Bless you and your work!

Dear Brother Fass, I believe that faith is a growing thing and when I hear these people that you interview (like Kay Warren) and the great things that they are doing for others, I am strengthened and encouraged in my own faith and I want to reach out to others and help them in their walk with the Lord. Blessings,  
Paul Lannon, New Zealand  

Dear Brother Fass,Your Haiti special was excellent and I pray that it will move others to contribute to these people who have reached a level of desperation that we in the United States cannot even imagine. our information was very detailed and very helpful for people who are still trying to find out what's happening there.  We all need to help and THEY certainly need us very much. In Christ,
Janet Carpenter  

Dear Brother Fass, Your guest tonight (Pastor Ed Dobson) said that as a young man he had to determine "What does God want me to do?"   I think that is something that all of us should do.  However, it is something that very few people do these days.There are so many distractions in our lives that get in the way of the messages we could be receiving from the Lord.  Getting back to listening to God is my goal and I was pleased to hear Mr. Dobson mention that. Roger Reese Morton  Kingston, Jamaica 

I have always liked that song Shout to the Lord.  What a great song and I never knew that Darlene Szchech wrote it.  I think I had heard you talk with her before, but I somehow had missed the fact that she had written one of my favorite songs. Your variety of guests is just terrific and you show us sides of these people that we did not know before. Bless you and Street Cats. You have a great organization.  I have been reading about you.Camilla Lambert  Oklahoma City 

I liked your Newsboys program.  I kind of smiled to myself when I heard them use the words "Jesus Freaks" when they first came on.  I hadn't heard that term in years. I was pleased to hear the guy you were talking to as he put Jesus in the context of his time and as a real person with the people around him.  He was "secular" and not a "Christian". Your program always brings us fresh insights.  It is great!
Greg Williams   Montreal Canada

Bad to worse. That is an apt description of the situation in Haiti.  How horrible to think that a country has absolutely no disaster preparedness.  I have contributed to help these people and will do more.  Thank you for your effort on their behalf.  
 Jason Davis   Kansas City 

Dear Brother Don, I listen every week and I tell you that I can here the sincerity and care in your voice as you speak with some pretty outstanding individuals.  It is always encouraging to hear what these people are doing and the excellent examples that they are setting for their fellow Christians. Without a doubt, I am your fan, 
Lin Tsi  Asia 

I have heard a lot about the Compassion organization and they really seem to have a good reputation.   I am glad that you have given them this opportunity to get the message out about the dire situation in Haiti. I had friends who were in the country at the time of the quake, and they were fortunate to escape, and their tales of all the horrors are almost unbelievable (by Latoya at dress head). We have to all work together as world citizens to help out our human beings who really need us. 
Pollyjo Z  Columbus, Ga 

Was good to hear your interview with Kay Warren.  What an interesting lady and a true Christian outreach effort! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you Mr. Fass. 
Evelyn Hough Carlsbad, NM

I know it sounds terribly American, but I had never heard anything about the Black Hebrews of Israel.  Your interview with Eddie Butler was fascinating.  What an accomplished man!  The song "You Are A Dream" is outstanding.  Thanks for introducing him to us and all the other guests you have. 
Randy Gould, Los Angeles 

Mr. Fass, It has been my intention to write to you all week and it is now Friday and I am just getting around to it.  I want to tell you that not only does my family listen to your programs, but we are very pleased to learn about your Street Cats organization.  Your group serves as a safety net for many young people I am sure.  Bless you and your mission.  
Peggy Cross   Dallas, TX 

We listen to you and can feel the goodness in your heart and in your organization. It comes across in your thoughtful interviews with so many interesting people. My wife and I hear you every week and we are fascinated with the work of your Street Cats - - - a unique and important cause. God�s blessings on you all.
Jon Geiger in Davenport, IA  

Thanks for being there, giving us a glimpse of life in Israel. I think in the U.S. we only have a vague idea of what Israel is like.  Hearing a person's story first-hand is very helpful in forming a better opinion of what life is like there. 
Karen Johnson 

That was a great tribute to your friends Brother Don.  I like Delirious and I had never heard Martin Smith interviewed before.  One of your best programs tonight. Ali Hughes  
Tel Aviv? ? ?  You are doing a world tour! This is just great. I love Reaching Up.  The stories you cover are always interesting and I try never to miss hearing you.  Thanks for caring about these special stories. 
 Jill Kitchens  

Dear Brother Don,Your music programs are great and I appreciate the many different artists that you shine your light on.  The variety is something we don't get to hear anywhere else.Bless you and to God be the Glory! 
Maria Lucas Spain  

Natalie Grant is awesome! She is the Gospel of Love! That's what we need more of! Thanks for interviewing her. 
Pamela Allen  

Wherever in the world you are traveling, Brother Fass, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!  May 2011 bring new and exciting adventures for you and your ministry. Your ministry is unique and a blessing to me.
 Connie Fuller Hilo, Hawaii 

Hello, My names Anna, I the biggest fan of your radio program, I listen to you and, you can always learn new things and listen to great music. And it really helps me in learning the language, because what I read in textbooks is not a normal speech, and your radio is giving me this opportunity, it is important to me and I want to thank you for what you do. And I'm as big a fan of your work would be very glad to receive any thing  with the symbols of your radio.
Anna Mihlyaeva Perm, Russia 614105 

I came across your broadcast a few months ago and I want to tell you how much I enjoy it.  You have something that is really innovative and different.  It is nice to know that secular and Christian radio has something to offer that is not just shouting politicians and preachers. The music and your guests make a great combination.  Bless you Mr. Fass.
Dwayne Roberts St. Louis  

Who could not love Dolly??!!!!!      She is a terrific person and I was thrilled that you had her on your show tonight.    This is the best show on the air. 
Maria Lopez    

WOW.  A wonderful program!    U have had a terrific adventure musical and otherwise.  Can't wait to hear more!
Jason Keller 

I appreciate the announcement you guys did this week against hate. It has gotten to where so-called Christian programs are all about hating everyone and everything. 
Carlos Medina Venezuela  

Dear Mr. Fass,  Understanding the faiths is so essential to living in this world today. There is a value in this (as Tavis said). We all have to get along and there are so many things we can accomplish together.  
Jana Rogers Santa Fe  

Tom Paxton was a great guest for your program. "Folk Icon" was a great way for you to describe him. Glad you interviewed him in a coffee house. An appropriate place
Milton Fisher 

My cousin Phillip is in Japan and we are hoping that he will be able to get out.  It is a bad situation for the people there with all the destruction, shortages, and a fear of the radiation that you cannot see. We are worried, but feel better knowing that he may be home very soon. We are praying and we want to ask for your prayers for these people in a really bad disaster.   And thank you for all you do on the air! 
Angela Coburn Chicago 

I want to thank you for the interview you gave the director of UNICEF tonight in New York City.  They are a great organization and do such wonderful work all over the world.   Times are tough for all charities these days and great organizations like this have to get the word out about what they are doing.   I appreciate that you give time to help groups like this that are helping others so much.To God be the Glory. 
Mildred Paley 
You may not have realized it, but you gave a great history of the village during the 60's.  It was a terribly creative place and time and had a great impact on our culture. I am glad to hear people talk about that time.   You brought back many memories for me tonight and I am hoping that some people who did not know about that time got to hear you.  Just great!                                       Rose Morris   

 Ms. Boskovich's explanation of the "fear" and "honor" syndromes that are apart of the Arab and Israeli cultures was something that I had not thought of before.  The violence in that part of the world is perpetuated because of these idea that are imbedded in the culture. She is doing some great work there and I am very pleased that you did this interview with her in Tel Aviv about Peace Child Israel.  You are always bringing new information to us about people who are doing such great things in the world.  Bless you and your broadcast.
 Joan Roberts  
Hello Don, Hello Friends,among the stations I tune into now is the Dutch based Big L on 1395 AM. It was great to hear your �Reaching Up� program on a Friday night at 2200 UTC. Reception over here in Germany in the neighbourhood of Cologne was good.   On the program "Reaching Up," I enjoyed you talking to William Paul Young about his book "The Shack" Thank you.I will keep listening!
 Thomas Drescher  Rosrath, Germany

 Don Fass,Heard you 2nite. Like yr program and will b listening nxt wk. Bless u.Robin Mason  
 It is sad that there are not more programs like this on the radio. And television is still a big waste land. I am reaching up with you and hoping for better times.  
Kim Walker, Houston 

 I always enjoy your Reaching Up!  And I am thankful for the ministry that you have created for the glory of God. I am thankful for the freedom to worship that we have in this country. It is not that way in many parts of the world. Thanksgiving Blessings. 
Sonja Fricks 
That was one of your best programs every.  You bring joy to Christian and secular radio.  It is so nice to hear a faith-rooted program that is not stuck inside the box.  Bless you and your efforts to do something new and exciting on the radio. I salute.   
 June Thompson     

The Peace Child effort to get Israeli and Palestinian children together is a great effort.  Getting young people to be open to understanding each other is a good route and a great starting point.  Nothing has worked yet with the older generation so I think this could be a good in-road to better understanding and making some progress in that area.
Thanks for your interview in Israel.
 Celine Lebel1  Montreal       

"Our civilization is becoming increasingly "un-civil." I was glad that man said that.; We as people of faith have to stand up for the common good.   It is almost as though we are the last standing for the way of love and understanding.     This discussion was refreshing and we need to hear more of this kind of thing on the radio and on television instead of the hatred that we hear preached so much of the time. Your work is just the best in that direction. 
 K Johnson    

Dear Don,We must all work together to make this world a better place. That is what our Jesus would want. He was a peace-maker. Some people seem to forget that. 
Marie Coolidge Canada  

 That was a powerful program Pastor Fass.  The music you played was so telling of the story of South Africa and I was very interested in the interested in Target Earth that you guys talked about. I knew that AIDS was a serious problem in Africa, but it has been a subject of denial for many people for a very long time.  The man you interviewed was right to compare it to the way that Christians dealt with people with Leprosy centuries ago.  It is only truly "Christian" that we help and that we care about others.
Bob Tillman Ft. Wayne, IN PS:  I want to listen to your Celebrate Radio 

Your program is such praise to the Lord, Brother Fass.  What a testiment to the good that does and can happen in the world!  Your program tells me so much about your organization and about the interesting people you interview.  He is worthy of praise and everything that has breath should praise the Lord! 
Greg Williams    Montreal, Quebec 

Dear Mr. Fass,Your coverage of the events facing Africa is exceptional.  I really appreciate that you give attention to this continent that for many Americans is only the subject of Tarzan movies.We have to realize that the issues that these people deal with on a daily basis are concerns of ours too because ours is an interactive world in which everything affects everybody.  We don't live on islands anymore.Bless you in your work of understanding and kindness.
Pam Rawlins    Christiansted, USVI

Hello Brother Fass.  Your musical selections are always great and I really enjoyed the interview with Darlene Zschech.  You have hit upon just the right mix of entertainment and information about what your guests are doing in their Christian missions.  I can sense your enthusiasm for what you do.  Bless you.
Peter J. Thomas Montreal 

There are not many radio programs that I would make a point to listen to every week, but I confess that I am dedicated to your Reaching Up.  The guests are always outstanding.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Newsboys program.  I particularly appreciated the comments about addictions as my sister is suffering terribly because of a coke addiction and I pray for her and everyone who is dealing with this disease.  Bless you and everyone at Celebrate!

Dear Brother Don, I am a big Jaci Velasquez fan and I was so pleased that you chose to feature her on your program.  I have heard your program for three or four weeks and you never fail to have really interesting guests.  Bless you in your mission.
Michelle E. / Houston, TX

Dear Don Fass, I listen to you on the UCR and I can feel the compassion of you and your organization in the way you treat your guests and in the helpful and uplifting messages from your organization.  If it is alright, I would like to make a prayer request. I lost my job last week and it is going to be difficult for me to make ends meet for my family.  I ask for God's help and guidance in finding a new job, so that my family can have a good and secure life. Bless you, 
Glen, Montreal

Brother Fass: I meant to write you a few days ago and can't see that I actually hit the send button. I have heard some of the interviews that you have had on recently and I really enjoy your program. Some of the information on your broadcast also prompted me to read a little about Streetcats Foundation and all the things you do. I know things are tough these days, but you guys seem to reach out in so many ways. Bless you,
Robert W Toronto

 The "angels" essay was very good. I can't say that I've ever heard such a good summation of what angels are and do. I have to go to your celebrate radio site. Sounds good.
Barbara W Seattle

I didn't realize Jars of Clay has been around for 15 years.  It was great to hear about all these guys are doing to reach out in Christian love for people in Africa.  I listen to your interviews and the people you talk with lift me up and inspire me to walk the walk.   You are a blessing to ME this week! Newzealandsailor
Paul L New Zealand

 I have been listening to UCR for a good while, but I have not heard your program until tonight.  Is this new or have I somehow missed it before?  Whatever the case, I will be listening again. You have a unique concept.
Molly L  Springfield, MO

 Dear Brother Fass,
I must confess my ignorance about this Pastor Frisbee that you talked about on your broadcast.  What an amazing person and such an accomplished individual. At first I thought your program was just going to be some fluff interviews, but I am realizing that I can count on you to teach me a thing or two.   Congrats on a great program. 
Bob R,  Christiansted,  St.Croix, VI

 I don't know if you select your topics or if some does it for you, but your broadcasts are always well put together. Your guests are interesting and are not only interesting, creative people, but they are also doing important things to make a difference in our world, some of the best examples of what Christian people should be. Thank you for sharing their experiences.
Peggy H

 Dear Brother Don, I really enjoy the music and the guests you have on your broadcasts. It is not like anything else we get on radio and these Christian artists and authors deserve a place to talk about their work and to reach out to new audiences. Bless you in your mission. ...
Estelita D Ponce, Puerto Rico