About Celebrate Radio

Celebrate Radio, Solutions-Based News-Information Network to Take Back America, Premieres Jan. 20, 2017 on Web, Phone Apps, Then Satellite from Streetcats Foundation

Celebrate Radio, a new 24/7 national radio information, news, features and music network from Streetcats Foundation, with a focus on "taking back America," re-establishing solutions-based journalism and focused on respect, dignity and hope will premiere on the web and apps around January 20, 2017 and later on national satellite.

Portland, OR, December 19, 2016 --(PR.com)-- CELEBRATE RADIO, a unique new kind of non-profit national news, information, features and music radio network to "take America back" and return respect and dignity to the airwaves, in the planning for 4 years by radio veterans, will premiere within a week of Inauguration day, around January 20, 2017. Produced in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, its producers say that even still missing some necessary funding, the launch date has been moved up because of the rancid 17 months of campaigns and election outcome that America has been badly wounded by.

The network will devote itself to compelling, solutions-based journalism and "news that matters," while uniting people in projects that can both truly heal and make a meaningful difference in peoples lives while fostering a renewal of compassion. Celebrate Radio also seeks to help combat fake news, eliminate arguing talking heads, gossip and paid partisan surrogates. There will be daily newscasts, numerous features, ways for listeners to become heroes, youth and millennial programming as well as that of many religions. Additionally, there will be a unique blend of Positively Music as well as some entertainment programming. Throughout the day, there will also be inspiring pop music and voices of people from Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Maya Angelou, Robert F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and many others. Non-partisan and never favoring a specific religion, Celebrate Radio wants to be a voice and a light for cutting through the darkness with hope and kindness while informing, educating and uplifting.

The new network will be streamed on 7 streaming web sites, smart phone apps and then on a national and later international satellite network. There will also be video pages with videos produced by CR and others.

Leading the project is Don Fass, a broadcast veteran, author and journalist who has done 2000 interviews, his weekly Reaching Up interview show has been heard in 200 countries and he successfully started one of the first radio news services when he was only 17. Don is also the author of several books including The Huge Little Book of Trump, The Awesome Teen Recovery Guide and the forthcoming Fixing America and has reported from 29 countries for major stations and radio networks.

Celebrate Radio's partners now include:

Public New Service - Celebrate Radio will carry their daily newscasts (repeated 3x a day) and many news features from hundreds of grassroots organizations on a cross-cutting range of social justice, environmental and economic issues. The new network will also be able to originate their own material and stories for the 8,000 media outlets (radio and print) which receive their content, reaching a combined national weekly audience of over 50 million.

Media outlets across the map use Public News Service stories-from conservative news/talk to public, community, ethnic and religious outlets, on air, in print and online. Their Spanish production is expanding across the country as is their collaboration with Mainstream Media Project. In addition, PNS manages independent news services in 36 states and will be producing complete news segments for our network.

New America Media is the country's first and largest national collaboration and advocate of 3,000 ethnic news organizations. Over 57 million ethnic adults connect to each other, to home countries and to America through 3000+ ethnic media outlets, serving the fastest growing sector of American journalism. Founded by the nonprofit Pacific News Service in 1996, NAM is headquartered in California with offices in New York and Washington, D.C. and partners with journalism schools to grow local associations of ethnic media. Celebrate Radio will also begin originating stories for NAM outlets.

Solutions-Based Journalism connects and networks reporters, newsrooms and schools of journalism engaged in print and radio reporting about responses to social problems. Its members share strategies, information and actual stories and collaborations to speed change in America. SBJ has bureaus in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and San Francisco AND CONNECTS PEOPLE AND MEDIA FROM Nicolas Kristof of The New York Times and PRI to The Seattle Times.

United Religion's Initiative is a prime interfaith organization whose member individuals and groups initiate programs that help many people in the U.S. and overseas. An important part of Celebrate Radio's vision is to bring the faiths together not only for mutual understanding but to help more people in more ways. Partnering with URI, the network expects to not only report on heir exciting activities but to partner in creating projects with them helping many others in unique listener initiated vision.

Celebrate Radio will also present, in addition to secular programming, weekly Jewish, Christian and Muslim programs that concentrate on compassionate understanding and partnering to do social justice work, while combating bigotry and hate. Shabbot Shalom, the Optimistic Muslim, Greed for Lim as well as interviews with people like the Dalai Lama, Max Lucado, Dr. Malcolm Fox and many more as well as writers for publications like Christianity Today will be included in their line up.

For more information or to participate in their crowd funding: ycn5@yahoo.com and cc info@celebrateradio.com